MailChimp & Elastic Content

MailChimp is one of the most widely used email marketing platforms, at least in the US, certainly among small to medium size businesses. It's quite powerful, quite easy to use, quite flexible.

There are a couple of a couple of Gotchas in using Elastic Content in MailChimp. Those are driven by the fact that MailChimp's default mode of working when it comes to images is that they ask you to upload the image content that would rule out dynamic content, one to one personalization and any sort of elasticity, so I will show you the work around.

This is one of their off the shelf templates. I'm going to delete that image block.Jump back over here to a MailChimp template that I already prepared. You'll notice it uses mail chimp's merge field style with that F name, Asterisk, Pif, f name. Most of MailChimp's templates are 600 pixels wide, so I'll take advantage of the fact that we can dynamically size templates and set the width.

All that I really did was add that my width parameter to the image tag. I'll copy that whole thing. I'll jump back over here to MailChimp and instead of an image block, I'll set a code block in there and paste an image tag in, save it and close it, so that's it. This template is ready to save and use in a MailChimp campaign and a very simple template, just first name, but the first name of each recipient would be merged on send.

Quick recap as usual:

  • Set the width to 600.
  • Copy the tag and
  • use a code block in mail chimp.
  • Paste the image tag and the code block.

We should get a second monkey out of that.

We did, and that's how you use campaign genius and Elastic Content in MailChimp. Hope you found that helpful.