Geotargeting Tool


The Geotargeting tool in the Visual Toolbox helps marketers send specific content to specific places. By content we mean two things, an image and the hyperlink to which clicks on the image will redirect. 

Because we find out where a visitor is based on IP address, we're able to say, let's take the green button and deliver it to people in this place and send them to this random URL, home  
Then let's take people with a gold button; if they click, send them to retail, me, and so on. 

So it's a tool to deliver coordinated visual content and hyperlink destinations. Let me explain how the geo-targeting is configured to keep this relatively simple. 

At least one of the available images should have a star, an asterisk. We treat that as the wild card or default; if you think you're sending email to just people in the U S and someone happens to be on a trip and opens it somewhere else, if their location isn't called out, with this configuration, they would get that green button.

And if they clicked, they'd be directed to home that the syntax for geo, for actual Geotargeting is pretty straight forward. It's two character country code and four us States, U S dash, uh, the, the, the state two character initials. So if I wanted to target, uh, this gold button to California and New York and Washington, that's how I do it. If I wanted to send that blue one to people in great Britain and France and uh, Texas, sorry, lowercase TX, that's how I do it.

There's not a real limit to the number of images that you can geotarget.  I can drag and drop an additional one into the set and anytime I want and I can change what's available and what's going to be used simply by checking and unchecking. If I take the check off of the gold button, then people in California, in New York, in Washington would end up with the green about us button because that check mark says gold button is not in use right now.

That allows you to change your mind, reconfigure and test different things with campaigns that have already gone out the door or with  HTML templates that you're reusing.

You always want to set and alt tag. So for convenience we've added an alt tag field there and we'll put that in the URL. You can get reports of progress simply by setting your email address and telling us how often you want those reports sent. You'll notice, and it's implied in the currently empty fields over on the right there as well, that we track impressions, which is someone opened an email and their client requested an image and we, we track clicks of that image. Someone opened an email, saw the image, clicked on it, got redirected to home Depot or to re retail, may not or to whatever.

So every thousand impressions, 2000 impressions, 10,000 impressions, we'll send you the status of impressions, clicks and click through rate for the images that you're currently delivering.

Last note, it's helpful to title these templates because this particular geo-targeted image will be in my history so that I can open it later to look at impressions, clicks and CTR, or to modify what images are available or what hyperlinks are going to or how they're geo-targeted.

So this is the demo. So as simple as that looks, when I paste that in there, because I happen to be in Washington state, I'm getting the gold button, the hyperlink itself and the image source tag.

If I go back into the toolbox,  I can go back in, open and edit earlier work. I can say, gee, we forgot to add New Jersey to that set, save it again, and I don't have to update the hyperlink in my email template. We'll resolve this, automatically and add New Jersey for New Jersey recipients.

The aim of this tool is to let you designate which content you want to have visible and what hyperlinks you want that content to lead to. In particular, geographic destinations. We do have the capability of targeting more finely to cities, but we felt that the interface would get very complicated; spelling out cities is a lot more detailed than spelling out countries and States.

We hope you find it helpful. We would love suggestions on what else you'd like to see. Please email those suggestions to Thanks.