v289 - Mobile Image options for Visual Toolbox

v289 - Mobile-only options for Visual Toolbox

Different device, different experience. One of the most common requests we’ve had is to make it easier to manage content delivery to varying devices. v289 is our first giant step at delivering on that.

The 3 currently most-advanced tools in the Toolbox are Optimize, Geo and COVID. This release adds the option of flagging any content set (image + hyperlink) as “mobile only” in these tools, with a simple checkbox.

Behind the scenes, that little checkbox puts a whole bunch of machinery to work. The pieces include:

  • Identifying the requesting device from over 10,000 possible UserAgent strings.

  • Deciding whether it’s a mobile device or not.

  • Selecting from the ‘mobile-only’ content if it is — and the other content if it’s not.

  • Optimizing or Geotargeting or COVID targeting from the mobile or not-mobile content set.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 4.17.49 PM.png

Technical Notes

While this approach keeps the user interface simple, it can require duplication of targeting data. For Geotargeting, for example, you may have a mobile image targeted at US-ny (New York State), and ANOTHER image that’s not flagged “mobile only”, targeted at US-ny. Broadly speaking, if you’re providing 2x the content — one set for mobile, one set for desktop — you’ll have 2x the number of rows, with duplicate data (links, targets, etc.).

In effect, this allows for optimization & testing of mobile and non-mobile content in parallel. If the ski parka gets a higher CTR on desktop, but the snowshoes pull more clicks on mobile, you will have the data to prove it and the option to auto-switch to the winners separately.