Choosing, Cropping & Sizing Background Photos

2 Million Photos: Choosing, Cropping, Sizing

If you're using photos from the built in image search, you may find this tutorial helpful in understanding some of the features involved in handling those HD photos.

All three of the sources that we're using - Pixabay, Unsplash and Pexels help photographers promote their work and promote their business, so we've gone to the trouble of providing the source link for each of the photos in the search. If I click the source link on this wonderful lady and Tiger photo, I can see who shot the photo, what else the photographer has posted on that particular source.

You may have other uses for an image if it's a prominent part of a campaign, perhaps in print - so we will save that source link if you use all or part of this image in your Campaign-Genius template.

If you do want to get the entire image but still resize it, move the crop box to a corner. I always use top left. For some reason I grabbed that resize and move it past the image, so I'm dragging out past the boundary of the image. We'll just snap it back and set it to match the final size.

You probably don't want a 2000 pixel wide image in your email, so take advantage of that shrink and note that this will set the size of the template of this template from here on out, but if you're happy with that and that'll look great in your campaign, save it and use it.