The weather tool in the Visual Toolbox uses AccuWeather's extensive global weather data to deliver live weather in email, you can specify a location.

If I said Denver, Colorado, I would be sending Denver weather to everybody who got this image. If I leave the location blank, we'll resolve geolocation for the recipient and fetch weather for their location.

Geolocation for email images is fairly accurate, but don't expect it to be sort of down to the front door and the street. It can vary widely. My own location frequently shows up as being 80 or 90 miles from here, but it's close enough for the weather most of the time.

We've got a number of different layouts and we're happy to create additional layouts. Please send your suggestions or design ideas to  So that'll be updated when the email is opened.

If I put that image in an email message and I open it tomorrow, I'll get the one day forecast for tomorrow and so on and so on from from the AccuWeather servers. We hope it gives you a way of making your email a little more live and a little more engaging, and we look forward to your suggestions. Thanks.