The Twitter tool in the Visual Toolbox provides live always fresh email content by fetching the latest tweets from an account on open.

I pointed this tool at the New York times Twitter account, just for the sake of demonstration, we went and fetched the latest tweet, including images and likes and shares of that tweet and composited them together in this layout. It may well look different in an hour as the New York times issues another tweet.

There are currently just a handful of layouts in the tool we're interested in adding others and would really appreciate suggestions; send those to 

One quick note about the URL: the Twitter account name that's linked is just a parameter in the URL. You'll see "mitwitter=nytimes" in the URL. The style is also a parameter style equal C I believe they're currently set to a ABC. So you could take the URL from a Twitter tool image and just change the Twitter account to get new content and to use that in a different layout.

We hope you find it helpful. We would love suggestions of what else you'd like to see.