Salesforce Basics

Using Templates in Salesforce

This tutorial covers basic, basic use of Campaign-Genius in Salesforce. This is the most, elementary level of Salesforce and I'm sure we'll be adding additional tutorials because that's a very complex platform.

This template was created specifically with Salesforce as a starting type and we've used the new merge field structure in Salesforce with the triple curly braces and the x dot y format, recipient dot first name and sender dot first name. It actually took some experimentation to figure out that it was as simple as sender dot first name because it's not really obvious in their documentation. 

So leaving that aside, I'm going to go ahead and copy the entire html tag here. You'll notice that I added, added on alt field value and I used the merge tag again in the outfield value in case someone is viewing an email from you and doesn't have images turned on. That's one of your options and it personalizes that text a good bit more. So I'm going to copy that entire html tag and I'm over here in, in Salesforce, in home. If you don't see email templates on the right as I've got it there, if you click on the launcher email templates is under the launch, or at least in this a trial version of Salesforce, so I'm going to go ahead and create a template, and I'm going to say it relates to contact birthday card.

We're just going to put that image in the html so the alt tag will show up if they have images turned off. We're not going to provide additional text. There is a risk in doing that if you're in a not well known email domain of the notion of sending image only emails a little bit new. There's a risk of of being spammed flagged. You might want to consider adding an additional note beneath in the text, but for purposes of this demo, I'm just going to put that visual in the email template and save it, so I've saved email template birthday one. 

Now I'm going to jump over to contacts. I've got one contact in here. I'm going to send that contact and email, presumably on their birthday. There's little tiny control down here. So I'm going to pick that new template. You'll notice that it replaced and kept the typo from the email template and there's the merge values. So if I go ahead and send this email sent and I jumped over and I view

that's what I get. Happy Birthday mark with my name. Enjoy Matthew with the sender dot first name in there. So just to recap, you really want to use a new type equals Salesforce if we don't have premade templates already, which is in the works. So you'd say new Salesforce to get that, to get that tagging structure, that triple curly brace, they're a pain to type 'em. In this case I've already made one and it's got recipient at first name, triple curly braces and Sen dot first name. I copied the html tag from there and inserted it in an email template edit. And you need to view source to insert that in the email template. 

Once that's in your email templates, you don't need to go through this again. You can leave a happy birthday. Maybe we'll correct the spelling there, leave a happy birthday email template sitting there and use it and I'm guessing it's even possible in Salesforce to trigger that on someone's birthday, but hope you found that helpful. We really are looking for feedback on additional use cases and problems with Campaign-Genius and Salesforce. Please send those to Thanks.