COVID Metrics Tool


This tutorial will focus on the COVID targeting tool. We sincerely hope this is out of date and removed as soon as possible, but while we're all in the middle of this, we've had a client interest in being able to be sensitive about local healthcare conditions in terms of in terms of the content that's delivered in campaigns. 

This tool is built on top of the geotargeting tool. You may find it helpful to watch the tutorial on that separately and you'll see how the things relate to each other when you look at the user interface and those tutorials. So I've just dragged in some sample content, three different pictures representing what conditions might be like depending on how things are locally. We connected geo-targeting to two separate APIs, with daily updates, that provide healthcare statistics about locations. 

We target down to the country and U S state level for the time being. We are looking at even more fine grain targeting, but it makes the user interface complicated. 

In the demo, I've uploaded three pictures and set three links.  Let me give you some context about the COVID related metrics that this tool uses. We actually have four different measures for those localities, country or U S state total infections, deaths, people recovered, people unrecovered and those are scaled to population. We opted to put charts in to help marketers get a sense of context, get a sense of how things are both in countries and in us States. And I will note on the side, if you go to there are both large versions of those two charts and an ad hoc fill in your own states or countries chart utility to explore those same population scaled statistics.

So I'm going to hide those charts. Let's go back to the U S chart and look for a second. So currently, sadly, New York has edged above 20,000 people. This is on a per million basis, and New Jersey is getting close. A handful of States above 10,000, a lot of States underneath 5,000. So how might I use geo-targeting to sensitize my content to those local conditions? 

At least one row needs to be set at zero and above. That's sort of the baseline content. So we'll leave this social distancing picture set at zero. And let's say for a place that's above 5,000, we want to use thethe subway picture. And for a place that's above 10,000, which is going to be in terms of U S States, New York, New Jersey, for now, that's my targeting. I'm going to set a quick alt tag and I'm going to give it a title of COTA demo.

So if I insert that content, the demo here, I'll get the social distancing picture because I happen to be in Washington state, which is currently underneath that 5,000 threshold that I set for the second piece of content. 

One other note about that targeting based on COVID metrics.  You can override by location.  For example, if you know infections are below 5,000 in California, but people are really sensitive about it because they've been sheltering at home for so long. So I am going to override California and I'll use this image instead. 

This uses the same nomenclature as the geotargeting tool. Two letter ISO initial for country GB great Britain, U S CA for Canada, and then U S dash two letters state for States -- US-ca, US-ny, etc.

Those values will override the COVID related metrics for just the locales targeted.

As I said, this is based on the geotargeting tool and you may find it helpful to look at the tutorial on that geotargeting tool as well. I hope this goes out of date and that we remove it and that we're past this at some point in the future. Good luck to everyone.