The Maps tool in the Visual Toolbox is designed to provide fast, easy configuration and retrieval of Google Maps. In addition, it offers the option of dynamic on the fly configuration of maps. For example, with something like an email trigger or a shipment notification, I'll walk you through the configuration in the tool quickly, and then I'll show you what those what those details look like in the resulting image URL. Obviously natural all about place. So the location is one of the key settings. Google has an enormous, enormous data and the ability to resolve purely quickly from sometimes ambiguous clues. So watch Colorado is not an ambiguous clue but there you go. I'll set that as a location, we, we provide all four of the main styles of Google maps, roadmap, satellite terrain, and hybrid and size and zoom rate.

Zoom levels are also controllable in the configuration. There we'll zoom out a little bit, zoom 12. In addition, you can place a marker on the map. It's going to go in the center and it's a single letter marker only, and you can configure the color of the marker. We'll do something awful like orange. So in case someone's in doubt what you're pointing to, you can put a pin on the map. Quite literally. I mentioned dynamic configuration. Let me copy the URL that resulted from that config and put it in a little larger font just to discuss that. So if I were using this in a trigger, I might feed in the city state as, as a parameter in the URL to change the map, I could set everything else. I could set the marker label size, all of that stuff, zoom ratio, and then change the city and, and recipients are going to get a different map.

You could in theory, send everyone a map. And if you have their address put that map to the location of their hometown, just by changing that my location parameter in the map URL, you can also change the marker color, the marker label the map style and so on. And when that URL is requested from campaign genius will configure the map and deliver the image on the fly and cash it for future requests with identical parameters to a quick recap map tool is part of the Visual Toolbox. All the configuration can be done across the line there, including a location. And now, you know where swatch Colorado is. Hope you found that helpful. Thanks.