Handling Text and Image Layers

Everything's A Layer

The last nuance about handling content attach added on top of the background in a Campaign-Genius template is layering.

You can think of each of these objects as sitting piled up on top of each other and which one goes on top and which one goes below, is controlled by the layer up, layer down.

So in this case, once I've. I've clicked on the background so that nothing selected, you'll see that the image place holder is actually on top of the text. If we get aggressive about it and put it just like that, and then preview from that sample data, we should get the Coca Cola logo stomping all over the first name and last name just like that. So that's not particularly desirable.

If I wanted to bring the a text block to the front, I'd select it it. It's going to be visible in the front when selected. That's just to make it a usable, but to really force it to the top. I'll click that layer up and then once I click away somewhere else and nothing selected, you'll see that it is in fact on top, so if I update that preview, what I should get is hello, first name, last name on top of the logo as you see there.

So quick recap. Everything's a layer and you control what's on top and what's below with a layer up layer down controls.