Publishing Templates and Editing After Publication

Publishing Templates, Edits and



Templates and Campaign-Genius can be in one of two states. They can be drafts, which means they're not published yet. You'll see in a separate tutorial that on the homepage, on the home screen for your log in, there's a button that says drafts.

So this is still a draft template. I haven't published it yet. As soon as I hit save and previewed versions,  it became a draft. But once you're happy with where your text is, where your image placeholders are, fonts, all that other stuff, and you've done a few previews just to make sure it's going to fit the data you're going to use. Do One last preview.

And if you're happy with that, click the publish button. This template is now published. I can go back and modify the layout. I can even go back and add fields later, but that template is now ready to be used in a campaign. We'll create a separate set of tutorials covering the various screens and tools in use. But that's all that's involved in publishing a template.