v288: ZIP Code Targeting (Visual Toolbox Geo & COVID)

v288 - ZIP Code Targeting

We have added ZIP-code level recipient geo-targeting to the CG back end. This allows content targeting on a finer scale. ZIP targeting support has been added to the Visual Toolbox Geo and COVID tools in this release.

To geotarget a ZIP code, include that zip in the comma-separated list of target areas for a given content set (image + row.) At open time, we will determine the ZIP of the recipient (based on lat/long as provided by Google) and use the matching row.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 9.30.09 AM.png

Technical Notes

Reported lat/long can vary from actual user location. We have observed significant location errors (50+ miles.) Consequently, geo-targeting should be used as a “soft” content selection mechanism. Geo-targeting would not (for example) be reliable enough to deliver two different political candidate messages to their respective districts.

C-G resolves recipient location to the nearest zip, in roughly 6 and 60 mile increments. If reported lat/long is closer to the center of a nearby zip code, that zip code will be used. This trade-off allows for speed at the expense of potential overlap in a few edge cases. Given the vagaries of IP lat/long locations, we deemed this acceptable for the initial release.