Editing and Text Blocks

There are three main tools for overlaying your content.

On top of the background image, there are two that relate to text the ad text tool top left, the ad feed field tool, and a third that relates to overlaying one image on top of another. We call them image placeholders. This tutorial, we'll just talk about the two texts tools. So if I click on add text, that's the first time for this template that any tool has been used. So we start lighting up some of the other controls. We'll put a, um, an initial text block on top of the image.

The default font is Montserrat. We'll talk about fonts in a different tutorial and you'll see that we've got to to merge fields. This is a standard html template. That double curly brace is actually the most common format for merged fields in a in email systems, but the key point here is that first and last and coe, enclosed by curly braces will be substitutable and changeable based on either data included with the url or data from the default values that you can set later. The ad field tool does something quite similar, but it focuses just on adding the braces or delimiters specific to your email or CRM system. In this case, with a standard html template, it's going to add a double curly brace. If I wanted a field called company, it's going to add double curly braces around company and that's the only text currently in this block. So quick recap to text tools. Ad Text and ad field. Add field is just a convenience to save you typing some of those torturous on field delimiters, but both of them provide text blocks that can be formatted with the tools on top. We'll cover those in a separate tutorial. Look for the other tutorial on image placeholders to understand those.