Step One: Template Background & Size

Step One:  Template Background

The first step in creating a new Campaign-Genius template is to set the background image. In doing that, you're also setting the size of the template. We provide two ways to put images into the background. One is to upload either from local files or if you have them from public urls for image files. In this case, I'll select a local file just for demo.

I can crop the image right in the upload dialog, but note that I am setting this size for this template. When I set the size of the background image, we provide the option of alternative backgrounds, but they'll have to match the size of the original background.

If I cancel upload, I can use the built in search. We currently serve over 2 million images from these three sources, Pixabay, Unsplash and Pexels, because these are professional HD photos.

The source photos can be quite large. There's a cropping option, but take note of the size of the final image.

Email images tend to be 600 pixels on up, but I have rarely seen an email image larger than 900 to a thousand pixels wide.

So if we wanted to shrink that down to something closer to a standard size, we can preview that cropped portion of the image. If I save and used that cropped portion of the image, this template is going to be six, six, zero by 4:55 from here on out, including any alternative backgrounds.

So: setting the background is the first step in a new template and do pay attention to size.