YouTube Thumbnails


The YouTube tool in the Visual Toolbox is designed to make the job of getting a YouTube thumbnail image into email, a fast and simple thing.

You can do it manually. You can go to YouTube. But I've seen many, many emails with what were obviously screenshots of the video dropped into the email because getting the actual thumbnail image was just a little too hard and just a little too clunky. Thumbnail images are actually quite important there that the headlines of the video world. So we thought a tool that would make this job a little bit easier would help. We're able to search all of YouTube, which means that there are billions and billions and billions of pieces of content there. So the search interface on in the YouTube thumbnail is one way of getting at YouTube. It very much helps if you know what you're looking for.

For example, there's a wonderful video podcast from a couple of senior luminaries in the email industry called email cakes, drinking coffee. So I searched on email geeks and got some of what I expected some of their some of their videos. So if I just wanted to pick one from that list and maybe do a quick resize of that thumbnail, I could do that. And I'd have the code to paste that into my email campaign and be off and running quickly. The other way to use that YouTube thumbnail, or is if you've got the URL for a specific video that you've already sourced I'm over here in the YouTube main interface. And I've narrowed down to one of the episodes from the guys at email drinks, Gmail geeks, drinking coffee. So if I paste that URL in instead of a search term will actually go fetch that specific that specific thumbnail for that specific episode, I can resize it as before and use that one instead. So it's, it's a tool designed to do a, an expedient job of getting YouTube video thumbnails in emails, as visuals, as visual content. It's not a player. It doesn't build pages. We'll handle all of that in the main campaign genius app, but within the Visual Toolbox, if you just need to get a video thumbnail in an email campaign quickly, a YouTube thumbnail in an email can pain quickly, the YouTube thumbnail, or is the tool for you. Hope you found that helpful.