Text Handling Tips

Text-Handling Tips

If you are using a lot of text in Campaign-Genius templates, you may want to watch this tutorial.

There are a few nuances about handling and planning for the differing lengths of text values that you might end up providing in the data about your recipients or other data that you throw at the template.

We've got a fairly simple template with just one text block here and just a single merge field: first name. If I left this text, blocked with exactly this formatting, I'll show you the risk result that we've got. I get some varying length names there. Then I'll click save and preview to generate new images.

What you'll see is that the, the word wrap changes were breaking on in all things have on that show, slightly shorter name, and we're breaking after things, for that slightly longer name because you may not have full control over the length of names.

It's best to actually plan for that and use returns to put a, to put a definitive line breaks in text blocks and to plan the width of the block to accommodate the data you might throw at it. So demo instead of English there, I put the cursor right before the I have in and hit return to force that down to the next line. And then I'm also going to take that block. I want it to be a little wider and I'd rather have there and the marvelous on lines of their own. So I put returns in there and I'm actually going to extend the width of that block out to the Tigers ear, give or take.

That way, if I've got a very, very long first name, it's still going to fit. Don't, don't be super tight. Don't get things right at the margin there because the formatting can get pretty unpredictable pretty fast. Allow yourself extra width and force the fit with line breaks to plan for your own data. One of the reasons for the sample data spreadsheet there is if you know the longest or shortest names in your, in your set of data, you can actually just put them in there and generate a set of images and see what the result looks like and then tweak until you're happy.

Recap with text blocks.

Allow extra width, and generally speaking, set the line, breaks yourself with return. We will word wrap if, if, if this had first and last and I got extra long, first name, extra long last name, we might end up with a five lines instead of sorry, six lines instead of five as the, as the word wrap forces things down. But it's best to put that in your own control and use preview to tweak the layout until you're happy with it. Note that you can come back and change these things after the fact, even after you've published a template, but just to help you avoid unexpected results, use returns and size those blocks generously.