Data and Demos

Data & Demos


This tutorial is out of date, but the key concepts are still accurate.

In this tutorial, I'll cover data and demos and using default data with Campaign-Genius template, however, we'll live a little bit on the fly here. This is going to be a more interesting and useful demo if there's at least one more field in this template. So I'm going to click edit and go back to editing the template and what I want to do, is added text field

I used fubar deliberately because it doesn't mean anything and I'll show you what that's all about when we go back to the data and demos test. 

When I click publish, I'm back to the Use screen for this template and it's now got that additional text block down in the bottom left note that if I added that block and added that purge field fubar and already had and an image source tag in an email campaign that didn't say fubar equals, I wouldn't be passing a value for each recipient to this template.

It's like I didn't know the field exists. I can add it as a default value for all templates, but I can't pass recipient four recipient data. I can't go back and modify that later if those emails are already sent. So one of the points there is that, knowing what text values and image placeholders you're going to use a in advance is, is helpful. You can change a template after the fact, but you can't change a, sent a email image tag after it's already been sent. So let's go back to data and demos here and take a look. We've got a few and we're really interested in adding more, special codes that do special things. I'm going to add Campaign-Genius weekday.