Getting Started

Hello and welcome to Campaign-Genius.

We're delighted you signed up and we hope you'll take a minute to watch this brief introductory video to orient yourself.

Campaign-Genius provides you with the ability to create templates to deliver personalized updatable content to the recipients of your email marketing campaigns, your transactional email messages and messages from your CRM system.

What you see on screen here is a fairly simple Campaign-Genius template. There's a background picture, the lady with the tiger beside her and a couple of text elements overlaid on top. I won't go into the details of those. Those are covered covered in separate tutorials. I'll remove that, just you see that it's an overlay on this screen where you'll do layout. You can get additional tutorial videos by clicking help.

To start a template of your own, you need to be logged in to Campaign-Genius APP dot campaign Dash Genius Dot com, and start with new. You'll either click the email platform that you use or if you're not sure, start with standard each html and that'll take you back into the studio where you can select or search for a background image and then start overlaying the elements that you'll want to dynamically change in your campaign.

So just for a quick recap:

Campaign-Genius lets you design templates and on those templates over a background image, place, text, or image overlays that you can change dynamically with data from your email or CRM system or with data that you preschedule to be updated. There are tutorials on each of the pages to drill into the details and user interface a bit more, and if you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to email We hope you enjoy the platform. Thanks again for signing up.