Editing and Copying Existing Templates

The final two controls related to using templates are edit and clone edit.

Edit just takes you back into the studio where you can change your layout and add things, move things around, modify a template that's already in use, and do be cautious that you don't introduce changes that don't fit the data you've already used. If this image is already in an email campaign  that's been sent out on, you're committed to having a first name, a value past in that info.

I suppose you could delete the field and we would just ignore the first naming those urls, but you do want to think through what happens if you change the design after it's already in use in your email campaign to publish changes, just click publish and you'll drop right back into the eus screen.

The other function is clone. I already cloned this one, so I'll just show you what the result looks like. It's basically identical, but that lets you take something. I'll let you take a template that you like, that you've used, that you want to make some changes to and put a fork in the road and have a different version of that template. Um, to, to take from their hope. That's helpful.