The photos tool in the Visual Toolbox provides search access to the three major photographer promotion sites – Pixabay Unsplash and Pexels – and covers over 2 million photos, with some non photographic artwork as well. It's basically a search engine that spans all three of those sources.

If you find one of them or particular interest or want to browse them, we encourage you to go and We're not trying to replace them. We're merely trying to help email marketers make use of the wonderful resources that are there.

Currently, the editor in the Toolbox just handles resizing; we're evaluating more-capable editors to provide additional manipulation of images. 

You'll notice that we've gone to the trouble to put the photographer credit and the URL to the original image in the alt tag for that image. That's partially as a convenience. You should always alt-tag images in email for people who have view images turned off or who are visually impaired!

It's also an encouragement to track back to the source of the image and consider commercial licensing. If you're making wider use of that imagery or that photographers other imagery in your marketing efforts under the terms of service of Pixabay Unsplash and Pexels, these images are made available royalty free. So you can use them in your email marketing campaigns without paying royalty, but we really do encourage encouraging the photographers to keep shooting stuff like this by properly licensing their work when that's appropriate for the use that you're making of it.

The sources from all three of these are actually mostly HD. Photos can be sized up and made quite large, frequently larger than you'd use in an email message, but you've got that option within the Visual Toolbox.

One other note about sizing: width can be adjusted on the fly in the URL. If I change that width parameter from 1200 to something else, my width equals 600. Then I'd actually get a dynamically resized photograph to 600 wide on the fly. So if, if you need to tweak the size of a photograph from the visual toolbox, you can do that in the URL simply by changing that my width "miwidth" parameter.

This was a very distracting tool to develop because the imagery in here is quite simply stunning. I encourage you to browse and appreciate the work from these amazing photographers.