Using Templates: The Use Page


The 'Use' Page

Each published template has a 'Use' page. This is where you make use of the template.

It's simply an id, like this:

Template IDs are currently created with 2 four-letter words, separated by a dash.

I'll use this tutorial to talk about the top set of options under, under image template that'll come up initially.

Obviously we've got a preview of the template that shows the merge fields. That's just to help you remember what data you've got available to use in this template, that blue triangle consistently just shrieks things down to get them out of your way for usability. So just to show you the other, um, attributes on this tool, we'll get that out of the way. We've got a number of fields for your convenience.

There's a title field and any changes that I make in these fields are saved automatically and instantly for that template, if I refresh that, it should have the title with a lady with a tiger because we already saved it in the background there. You'll note that we kept the url to the original source image. If you want to use that image for other purposes, you can always go to that url and take a look at the photographer, the photographer's other work.

We will cover alternative backgrounds in a separate tutorial, but that's what the background dropdown relates to all tags, which are very, very important in email, can be filled in here.