If you use the iContact email marketing platform, you're in luck. They have made using Elastic Content in their platform extremely simple. 

To start a new Elastic Content template in Campaign-Genius. She's click on new and use. Click on iContact as a starting point in this case. I've already prepared a brief and simple, um, template for use in iContact. 

Most of their existing templates, we're going to hijack one of their templates are 600 pixels wide. So no matter what, width, you created your Campaign-Genius template to be. You can change the width. And in just a second here, we should get the updated updated parameter - 'miwidth' equals 600 tacked onto the end just to dynamically change the rendered image. 

So I'm going to copy that and go over to iContact. I'll create a new template and I'll use one of their existing layouts. They've got a lot of very rich visual layouts here. The one thing to pay attention to is the text in the first few examples in this category have html. The html text is overlaid on the image that'll prevent a changing content dynamically. So we're going to take newsletter three that's got just an image, no overlaid html text since that stuff is static after you've sent it, and we're going to edit it

We've already got the correct fields, first name and email, and that dynamic width parameter in there. So if I preview that, ignoring my slo net connection for a moment, I'll see the name subscriber in the center of the whiteboard when I actually send that email out. All of those first names will be replaced with the first name of the respective subscriber. 

So just to recap for iContact, they've made it very, very simple. Create a new template type is iContact once the template's done, copy the html and in the  nice image editor here, just replaced the url field with your Campaign-Genius url. 

We suggest adding alternate text. That's a friendly thing to do!

If you have further questions, get in touch and let us know. Thanks.