Tracking Shipments & Packages


The Tracking tool in the Visual Toolbox provides live on open package status in emails. Configuration is fairly simple. Select the carrier for the package. There are 14 or so worldwide in this list, provide the tracking number and then select the style from the dropdown. We've currently just got a couple of styles. We're happy to add additional styles and would love suggestions or design requests or specs send those to I want to point out something a little bit subtle about the package tracking tool in how it's designed for use over long haul with things like triggers, email triggers. So I'm going to copy the URL for that tracking tracking image that I just set up and put it in a little bigger font. So it's visible. What we opted to do with this tool was to make the carrier and the tracking number parameters so that this could be set up in a trigger and those things could be automatically inserted.

So if you are in e-commerce for example, and you're constantly sending packages out, if you can auto insert the carrier code and the tracking number, this this setup, this style choice in the, the other tracking IDs can be reused with different packages. You don't have to manually set up you don't have to manually set up an image for each use. Obviously that's not going to serve business very well. So package tracking is carrier tracking number and style, and in the URL, those, those parameters can be fed in dynamically so that the image can be reused in future emails. Hope you found that helpful. Thanks.