SiteSync Complex Redirects

This beta tutorial explains the use of SiteSync, which redirects URL requests in sync with image changes,
with the CG.LOOKUP function to allow data-driven redirects.

SiteSync's default behavior is "use the URL that goes with the image data";
browser traffic is redirected to the URL in the SiteSync cell, in the row that corresponds with the image data used.

CG.LOOKUP is, as the name suggests, a 'lookup' function akin to VLookup in Excel.

It allows for a global substitution table for each elastic-content template.

For SiteSync use, CG.LOOKUP supports two parameters:  "key" and "default."
The key param identifies the query parameter to be used from the inbound URL.
The default param provides a 'fallback' URL for requests with no or non-matching params.

For example:
sitesync value:  CG.LOOKUP('key':'state','default':'')

Lookup table:

An inbound sitesync request with ?state=ca will be redirected to

Watch video for further explanation.