The Webshots tool in the Visual Toolbox creates an image that's updated daily with the current state of a website or web page. We chose to call it a web shot because it seemed like the right thing to say.

Let me demo an and talk a bit about use the very first time a website is fetched and rendered. It's slow. That one must have been fetched previously because that came through really, really quickly. Because we do this once a day, once it's fetched for the day it's actually quite, quite a fast delivery after that. Let's try CNN for the day likely someone has already so like someone has already grabbed that site as well.

Now I've got an image that shows me what the CNN page looks like at a particular size. Why is that useful?

Well, if you think in terms of the business uses of a website, it could potentially be very useful. Indeed. does your home page have your specials for the day and does that change every day? Would that be useful if it showed up in an email, would a product category page that showed what was on sale or what was in inventory for that particular product category be useful if it showed up in an email and stayed linked to that page and was live and always up to date, those are the ideas behind web shots.

We use a third party infrastructure to go fetch and render, but we do cash that image as I noted once it's fetched for the day. So that it's very quick delivery to email clients. We encourage you to experiment and to suggest other features you'd like to see added to web shots. Please send those to us@helpatcampaigngenius.com. Thanks.