The Vanish tool in the Visual Toolbox is designed to do a fairly simple job. Take one message and replace it with another message at a deadline of your choosing. It's a version one tool with some fairly rudimentary controls, and we're really hoping for market feedback about what you'd like to see it do differently. Let me demonstrate how to configure and then talk about some of the options. So let's say we wanted to tell people that our sale ends in five days, and then when that deadline has elapsed, we'll say watch for next week's email. So I'm just putting text in the fields there. As I said, this is version one, the controls are, are pretty darn simple. Live set, the text color, set the background color. I'm going to set the deadline time zone fairly important. And then I'm going to take a look at what that's going to look like.

So I've set 600 by 236 point font. We haven't even added font choices to the tool yet. So if I insert this in an email, it's going to read sale ends in five days until I get to June 21st. And then it's going to read, watch for next week's email, pretty simple stuff, but not something you can do with a conventional conventional email HTML. There's there's no way to do that in just straight up HTML. Let me make a sidebar point. That may be a little bit unexpected. If you want to do the same thing with images with visuals that say you've designed for your email, you can do that with the optimized tool. I'll cover it in the more detailed tutorial. But if I set up those two buttons and I said, I want to just deliver the blue button until I get to the 21st same data configured before I leave the blue button checked off, that's the only image that's going to get delivered.

The you'll note, I've cleared the checkmark from the red button. So as requests come in until the 21st they're going to get the blue button. And then at the 21st at that deadline, we'd switch them to the red button. So if you want to vanish visuals and replace them with something else, you can configure the optimized tool to do just that narrow job. It does a lot more than that, but it's possible to make it, do that with your visual content, but for text content, you can set that up in the vanish tool. And once you get it looking the way you want to look pasty image in your email, and you're off to the races, notice that it says sale ends in six days because we haven't hit that deadline. Yet. As I said, this is a version one tool. We'd love, feedback and requests for what you'd like to see it do differently. We've considered making the messages, for example, something that you could put in URL parameters dynamically, instead of having to configure in the tool, please send your suggestions to Thanks.